AC Repair- Don’t let Avoiding Simple Maintenance Cost You
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April 8, 2019
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AC Repair- Don’t let Avoiding Simple
Maintenance Cost You

Everyone knows that AC repair can be pricey!


By now, you, or someone you know has surely had an expensive AC malfunction that they still gripe about regularly. And rightfully so, AC repairs can be extremely costly depending on the problem. However, they are also avoidable given the right attention and care.

The typical life use of an AC unit can range anywhere from 10 to even 15 years in some cases. Of course, riding out that entire life use isn’t the best idea and can cost you significantly to keep it running rather than just simply replacing it. The 10-year mark is typically recommended to be the standard “time to replace”.

But hey… That’s still a pretty long time, right? Unfortunately, people seem to miss that mark fairly often because of a lack of proper maintenance. Even worse, they spend a lot of energy and money on costly repairs during that time only for their AC unit to have a short life anyway. This can all be avoided! So keep reading and find out how.

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The Basics of AC Maintenance  hvac-maintenance

An AC unit is just like any other fine-tuned machine, it requires some care and tune-ups for it to last and operate smoothly. Without simple maintenance here and there, your AC unit is bound to malfunction, costing you time, money, and comfort.

Let’s go over some simple ways to avoid all that.

If you’ve never given your air conditioning unit a little elbow grease, then you have a problem, or at least you will eventually for sure!

Your AC unit is in constant use, keeping your home at just the right temperatures at all times. That being said, due to its consistent intake and expelling of air, build up in its mechanics are bound to occur.

It’s important to make sure your AC system is clean and clear of any buildup or debris at all times to ensure optimal performance.

Clogged airways can put a lot of strain on your cooling system. This type of strain will cause your AC unit to not only break down eventually but it also creates a stuffy unevenly cooled living space.

Be sure to check your ductwork for clogs and build up.
Make sure your outdoor unit is free of overgrown vegetation causing strained air-intake.
Change your Air filters out regularly and ensure that the area remains free and clear for optimal airflow.

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat

Think of your thermostat as your control center, the brain of your entire air conditioning system. It’s important. If you still have an older analog style thermostat, you definitely need to upgrade to something with more control, like a digital thermostat for instance.

A programmable digital thermostat can actually save you money! Yes, you read correctly. Simply updating your thermostat to a more modern option will save you money on energy by giving you full control of your system at all times. Even remotely with some options.


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  • Got an Outdoor Condenser unit? Put in some fin-work!

Your fins are located all around the outer walls of your outdoor condenser unit. This is where the air is initially pulled in before it is pushed through your home. It’s fairly common for these fins to get damaged, bent up, or laid down over time. When this happens, the quality of airflow reduces tremendously and adds strain to your unit’s workload. Be sure to check them every once in a while. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Check all of your Wiring and Mechanical Components

Be sure to check for damaged wiring or components. Look for signs like leaks, corrosion, rust, and any other forms of damage that may cause AC malfunctions or hazards.

  • Avoid Expensive AC Repairs with a Maintenance plan!

An HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to keep your system running smoothly at all times as well as avoid expensive AC repairs. Let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or skill to perform our own repairs, tune-ups, and maintenance. Besides, it’s such a hassle!

Having a maintenance plan in place will offer you continuous performance-security as well as quick repair service if an issue were ever to arise (although unlikely when cared for by a professional on a scheduled basis).


Investing in your comfort now will save you a lot later!

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