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Air Conditioning Repair- 5 Things You Need to Know

Air conditioning repair is an unfortunate fact of life that we all have to face at one point or another.

Your air conditioning unit works extremely hard to keep your family cool and comfortable all season long. So much so that most of us forget it’s even there. We become so accustomed to simple comforts like our air conditioner that we tend to take it for granted when we have it.

That is precisely why air conditioning repair moments hit us where it hurts! You never really think about losing that simple everyday comfort until it happens, and because of this, we rarely know what to do when it does.

In this article, we are going to give you a little guidance to hopefully make this process somewhat easier for you.

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So You Think You Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service?Air conditioning repair tools

The possible need for an air conditioning repair has officially hit you.

The air in your home is becoming hot and stale, your pets are stressed out, and your kids won’t stop fighting. You are miserable and know nothing about air conditioning repair, much less maintenance.

Let’s go over 5 useful tips that will help you get through these frustrating moments quicker and easier! Here are some basic HVAC pointers that every homeowner should know before calling in the professionals for an air conditioning repair service.

1. Is your air conditioner blowing warm air or blowing with little to no pressure?

If so, it could be your air conditioning unit’s filter. Your AC filter is essentials. Without it, your home is open to free-flowing allergens and germs.

Furthermore, a compromised AC filter will not only affect the balance of your home’s air but also the overall mechanics of your AC unit as well.

Here are a couple of things to check for-

  • How long has it been since you changed your AC filter? An old clogged up filter can restrict airflow in your home and put a lot of strain on your air conditioner. It may be time for a replacement.
  • Next, you will want to make sure your AC filter is the right size for your air conditioning unit. An ill-fitting AC filter can cause just as many problems as an old one, and it needs to be clean and fit snugly in place to work correctly.
  • Once your AC unit has a clean and properly fitted filter, give it a little time to see if there are any improvements. A good AC filter helps to prevent the need for an air conditioning repair.

No improvements? Let’s try something else!

2. Check your AC thermostat settings!

It is important to check your air conditioner thermostat settings regularly.

Yes, you read correctly, your thermostat settings can cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction.

  • Typically speaking, the difference between your indoor air settings and the current outdoor temperature should never differ by more than about 20 degrees.

Any more than that is asking too much of your air conditioning unit and could cause performance issues. Set your thermostat accordingly and give your AC system time to adjust.

So it’s been an hour and still no improvements? Move on to the next option.

3. Do you see ice build-up inside of your air conditioning unit?

If you notice a build-up of ice inside of your AC handler, this will indicate one of two things.

  • One- you may have compromised airflow or a poorly working fan which can restrict your AC unit’s performance and cause it to freeze up around the coils.

To remedy this problem, turn your ac unit back on and leave it on the fan setting for a while. This should give your unit time for the ice to melt and return to working order. However, you may still need to have your fan system serviced by an HVAC professional soon to prevent this problem from happening again.

  • Two- if that didn’t work for you, then most likely you have a coolant problem which will have to be determined by a trained HVAC professional.


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4. Check your outdoor AC unit!

It’s easy to forget about this part of your HVAC system simply because it’s outside, out of sight out of mind, right?

  • Take a stroll outside and check the conditions of your outdoor AC unit. Do the fins around the outside of your AC unit appear to be damaged, bent, or folded down? If so, take some time to straighten out and tidy up the fins for smooth airflow and proper functionality.
  • Do you see a lot of dirt and debris built up around your unit that may be preventing or constricting proper airflow? If so, clear a few feet of space around your unit of any debris buildup or overgrown vegetation.
  • In some cases, you may even need to completely disconnect your unit’s power, remove the top covering, and give the unit’s fins a thorough washing from the inside out (Be careful not to get the electrical equipment in the center of your unit too wet, as this could damage your system).

5. Last but not least, you may need to call an HVAC professionalIf all troubleshooting fails, call and air conditioning repair specialist.

The need for an air conditioning repair service is going to happen; it’s just that simple, which is why it’s so important to have a trained HVAC professional in mind to call for assistance at all times.

If you’ve gone through all of the AC troubleshooting options listed above and still aren’t getting results, it’s time to call the professionals at Madd Air Heating & Cooling. Madd Air offers the best air conditioning repair services in the business!

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