Are Air Conditioning Service Plans Worth It?
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Are Air Conditioning Service Plans Worth It?

If you have considered committing to an air conditioning service plan, you may have wondered if paying for one would be worth your time and money. Air conditioning service plans provide regular preventive maintenance for your HVAC system. Some provide a once-per-year service and some two or more. To determine whether an air conditioning service plan is worth it, you must ask yourself a few questions.

What type of air conditioning service plan is it?

How many service trips does the plan provide? What does each service trip include? These are a few of the considerations that go into determining the type of plan. It is important to compare apples to apples when comparing service plans. You must determine whether the

air conditioning service

plans you consider all provide the same services and benefits.

How much does the air conditioning service plan cost?

When you compare plans, you must consider the cost of plans. The cost of the plan is vital in determining its worth. If the cost is such that it would be more expensive than a repair that would be prevented by having an air conditioning service performed, it may not be the right plan for you. Considering the type of plan and price of the plan, though, if the service performed can help prevent a more major repair, the plan may be a good value for you.


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What is the benefit of an air conditioning service plan?

Think of your HVAC system much like your car. There are many working parts and intricacies of the system. If you never took care to perform preventive maintenance and service on your car, would you expect it to stay in good running condition? Imagine never changing the oil, checking tire pressure, or having any other systems in your car checked. You might not be so surprised when something went wrong. Your HVAC system needs the same type of attention and care. Often, having an air conditioning service plan will allow your technician to spot something not quite right in your system before it becomes a serious issue.

We believe that a well-priced comprehensive air conditioning service plan is well worth the investment to avoid much more costly repairs and service down the road.