Air Quality Testing to Improve Health
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Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing to Improve Health 

Air quality testing is so important, especially in your home. Poor air quality in your home can contribute to health problems, particularly respiratory issues like asthma. Conducting air quality testing is a necessary step in optimizing the health of your family in your home.

air quality testing

Why do we need air quality testing?

Air quality testing can show you what contaminants are present in the air in your home. The most common contaminant is dust. However, your air quality test can show the presence of other contaminants such as pollen, formaldehyde, industrial pollutants, bacterial growth, mold, animal dander, droppings (and not just from your pets), and even gases are given off by your appliances. All these contaminants can make your home a dangerous place for individuals particularly susceptible to allergy, respiratory, and other medical conditions.

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutant levels can sometimes be up to 100 times those of outdoor air? Sometimes common products and appliances can pollute the air in your home. For example, if you have a gas stove, oven, or fireplace, they are releasing gases and particulate matter into the air every time you use them. This is just one tiny example of something you use often that you may not know could be polluting the air you breathe.

Who should perform air quality testing?

We recommend professional air quality testing to get an accurate picture of what is in the air your family breathes. There are DIY testing kits available on the market, but all of these tests can only tell you a very limited amount of information. These tests are not at all comprehensive and often leave you with more questions than answers. Using a reputable HVAC company that offers and has experience in air quality testing is essential. Your HVAC professionals know that your indoor air quality is closely related to how your HVAC system works. Therefore, they can also make recommendations to help improve the functionality of your system in helping the quality of your air.


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How can I improve my indoor air quality?

The simplest way to improve your air quality is to be sure to replace your air return filters monthly. High-quality air filters can help stop some pollutants from entering your HVAC system from within your home. Also, be sure your HVAC system is functioning properly by performing preventive maintenance on your system twice annually. Even your HVAC system could release some pollutants into your home if it is not maintained. After conducting air quality testing, you can work with your professional HVAC team to find solutions that serve you best. This could include the use of HEPA filters, elimination of sources of pollution, using special air purifiers, and more.

Professional air quality testing in your home can arm you with knowledge of the threats your family’s health faces. With this knowledge, you can fight the threats and make your home the healthy sanctuary you desire for your family.