Furnace Preparations for Winter
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November 30, 2017
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furnace preparations

Winter officially begins in just three days. We’ve had a few cold snaps here in Houston, but is your furnace ready for the real winter season? We always recommend everyone have an annual full service of your furnace prior to turning it on the first time, but you may be already past that point. Furnace preparations for winter are still important, though, and here are the essentials.

furnace preparationsFurnace Preparations: Cleaning

Cleaning your furnace prior to winter months is essential for the optimum functioning of your system. When you have your system serviced prior to winter, your HVAC company will take care of this. We recommend hiring your trusted HVAC technician to take care of this task. Many different parts of the system should be cleaned out regularly to take care of dust and debris. Attempting to do this yourself often results in unnecessary broken parts requiring repair. If you are doing any cleaning on your own, be sure to use a high-powered vacuum with a HEPA filter. This helps prevent particles from spreading all over your home.

Furnace Preparations: Change Filters

If you have not already replaced your return air vent filters in the last month or two, go ahead and replace those. Check your furnace unit for a filter, as well. Some furnaces have its own filter that should be replaced regularly, as well. You may need to remove an access panel to replace the furnace filter.


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Furnace Preparations: Test for Carbon Monoxide

This is a great time of year to ensure your system is not allowing for a carbon monoxide build up in your home. When left unchecked, such could be fatal for you and your family. If you do not have a carbon monoxide sensor installed, this may also be a good time to have your HVAC technician install one.

Furnace Preparations: Check Thermostat Function

Your HVAC technician will always check your thermostat and see if it needs recalibration. You need to check it to ensure proper function, as well. If your thermostat is not working properly, you won’t be able to reach the desired comfort level in your home as easily.

There are many aspects to your system only a professional would know to check for proper furnace function. This is why we recommend annual maintenance performed prior to each heating and cooling system. At the very least, though, be sure to check your system yourself and take care of simple maintenance. Change your return air filters and call your technician if anything does not seem to be working correctly. Taking care of the furnace preparations for winter will help your heating system to stay efficient and functioning properly!