Getting to Know Your Air Conditioner
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August 12, 2016
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September 22, 2016

Getting to Know Your Air Conditioner

Most people don’t know much about their air conditioner units past the typical changing of air filters, but there is a lot of simple information that is good to know if want it to work its best. Like, how does it work? Or, how can I make it for efficient?  So let’s start by identifying the parts of your air conditioner.

air conditionerExterior Air Conditioning Unit:

This is the most mysterious part of the air conditioner. It looks like a box with a big fan in it, but why? As your interior unit cools the air in your house, the hot air needs to be moved out of the house. The exterior unit is responsible for venting that hot air out. To do this, the compressor, condenser coils, fan, and refrigerant lines must all be in good working order.


The Compressor

Your air conditioner’s compressor adds pressure to the refrigerant that it receives from inside your home in order to increase the refrigerants   temperature and make it easier to transfer heat in the next step of the cooling process.

Condenser Coils and Fan

After leaving the compressor, refrigerant flows through your condenser coils. As this happens, a fan blows air over the coils in order to cool them off and release heat to the air outside.

Refrigerant Lines 

Refrigerant lines are what connect your indoor and outdoor units in order to cycle refrigerant and continue the cooling process.


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image01Interior Air Conditioning Unit:

The interior portion of your air conditioning unit is primarily responsible for distribution of the cold or hot air. The evaporator coils are used to cool the air. As the coolant converts from a liquid back to a gas, it draws the heat and moisture out of the air. An internal blower then circulates the conditioned air through ducts to the rooms where the cooler air is needed. Keeping the air filters and ducts clean is important to optimum functioning of an air conditioner.


Evaporator Coil

Indoors: A network of tubes filled with refrigerant that remove heat and moisture from the air as the refrigerant evaporates into a gas again.

Air Handling Unit

Indoors: the blower and related portion of the central air conditioning system that moves air through the air ducts.

Air Filters

Indoors: Air filter elements trap dust, pollen, and other airborne particles as air moves through the air conditioning system. Air filters contribute to both reliable air conditioner operation and health, so we dedicated a page to them.