Heating or Air Conditioning? Read This Before You Decide
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October 31, 2017
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Preparing Your Home for Winter Vacation
November 30, 2017
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Heating or Air Conditioning? Read This Before You Decide


Do we need heating or air conditioning? This is a common question in autumn in southeast Texas, and the answer can change all within the same day. This is a unique time of year for many reasons, including determining what kind of HVAC services you might need: heating or air conditioning? Your furnace and air conditioning systems need plenty of care, and your technician can help make sure all systems are ready to keep your family comfortable through the holidays and beyond.

HVAC Services Will Keep Your Systems in Great Shape

Fall HVAC maintenance will make sure your heating system is in top shape for the winter. It is important that you continue with regular maintenance in the fall and in the spring to keep all systems in the ideal working condition year-round.

You may still need Air Conditioning Services in Fall

In many areas, a homeowner would never have to worry about air conditioning repair or service in this time of year, but we know that temperatures can vary much in the same day. We still have days of highs in the 80s mixed in with lows in the 30s or 40s, so you may find yourself switching between heating and air conditioning. If you notice your air conditioning system not cooling properly or struggling in the warmer temperatures, now is a great time for your technician to fix any issues.


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HVAC Repair in Fall

When switching between heating and air conditioning, you may notice quirks in the functioning of the systems you might not otherwise notice. Addressing those issues before temperatures become more extreme will keep you and your family more comfortable. It is best to take care of HVAC repairs in fall.

We may have unique autumn weather here in southeast Texas, but it makes it much easier to take care of HVAC services and HVAC repairs. Call your technician to schedule maintenance and repairs while the temperatures are pleasant.