How To Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair
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How To Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Like most people, you probably have an air conditioner in your home to keep you and your family comfortable…that being said, there are some things you should know about caring for it so that your home stays cool and you do not have to fuss with costly repairs. There are many ways you can avoid emergency air conditioning repairs and in this blog, we will be going over just that. So, get out your notepad and let’s get started!

Top Five Causes of Emergency AC Repair

  • Not Keeping Up with Your Basic Care – Basic care will include small services you can usually do yourself, such as changing out filters, checking coolant levels, cleaning coils, and straightening fins.
  • Avoiding Annual Professional Inspections – Annual inspections done by a professional are a must! These inspections are what keep things running as smoothly as possible, will catch problems before they progress to emergency status, as well as aid in keeping your annual maintenance and repair costs minimal.
  • Not Maintaining System Cleanliness – Filters and airways affect everything HVAC. If either is compromised, you are bound to have significant malfunctions and cost increases, which will also lead to inconvenient emergency repair needs down the road.
  • Lack of Vegetation Control Around Outdoor Units – Your outdoor unit requires a lot of free breathing room to produce proper air flow without restrictions. Air restrictions will compromise your systems duties in properly cooling your home and overworking your unit will ultimately result in premature wear and tear.
  • Improper Use of Your Thermostat – Your thermostat is in-place to balance the air flow and temperature of your living space. If this device is not set properly or becomes tampered with you run the risk of having an imbalance in your system, adding unnecessary strain and costing you more money as it is using energy at a higher rate.

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How to Avoid These Causes

Keeping yourself from dealing with the first malfunction cause is an obvious answerkeep up with your simple at home care/maintenance! This is a vital step in caring for your home air conditioning unit and avoiding emergency AC repairs.

Some of these simple procedures include;

Check your ductwork– Do you have strong air flow or is there a possible leak? If you have a leak in your air flow, you are definitely losing money quickly from energy waste along with causing your unit to work harder to make up for the lost cool air. Duct leaks can be pretty tricky, that being said if you are having a hard time locating the problem areas, be sure to consult with a professional and have them do a proper assessment.

Performing regular filter maintenance– Change out old, dirty, clogged filters every 90 days, and even more so if you own pets and the air filter clogs faster. Air filters are a very necessary part of your HVAC system, after all, your home’s air goes right through it daily. Whether your filter is taking care of removing pet hair and pet dander or simply dealing with daily airborne germs, it is essential that it can do its job smoothly and efficiently. Filters also keep dust from free-flowing throughout your home as well as protecting against duct blockage or buildup.

Avoiding Annual Professional Inspections

Avoiding annual HVAC maintenance from a professional is a huge no-no. Doing this will only cause you headaches from system malfunctions and costly emergency repairs over time.

When it comes to annual maintenance, the best practice is to schedule regular preventative maintenance with a professional provider. Doing this will ensure that your system stays on track and works properly throughout the changing seasons and conditions. If a professional team is keeping up with your system’s care, your risks of malfunctions and emergency maintenance will be greatly reduced and controlled.

Not Maintaining System Cleanliness

Keeping your machine clean is very important. Your HVAC system, due to Houston’s constantly changing climate and weather conditions, is subject to a wealth of debris buildup, dust, germs, and in some cases, even mold if not tended to properly. That being said, it is very important to keep your system clean so that the air flowing through your home is safe, leaving the space comfortable and inhabitable.

Lack of Vegetation Control Around Outdoor Units

Vegetation buildup around your outdoor unit is another cause of air restriction and malfunctions being that most of your systems air circulation process starts outside. If your unit is surrounded with thick grass and tall plants, this can have adverse effects on your system and will determine whether or not you have smooth air flow through your unit and ultimately into your home.

If the unit’s airflow is compromised, it will have to work much harder to perform its basic functions which will use more power, cost you more money, and in the long run create the need for expensive maintenance and repair. The best way to avoid these issues is to make sure plants are trimmed back a good distance from your unit and are well controlled all year round.


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Improper Use of Your Thermostat

As far as your thermostat, you want to make sure you are sticking with the recommended settings given to you by your HVAC professional. This will ensure balance and proper function of your unit.

With today’s technology, you can even have a programmable thermostat installed for remote control features, this makes leaving your home for extended amounts of time a breeze… just a few clicks and you know exactly how your system is performing from anywhere!

Finding the right repair company

If all else fails and you are stuck with an emergency AC repair need, make sure to have a reputable and professional HVAC company on hand!

Once they have gotten your system back on its feet, ask about setting up an annual maintenance plan to avoid emergency repair reoccurrences. An HVAC professional will give you the best advice on how you can perform regular AC care moving forward and get you on the right track.