Critical Insulation Installation Factors to Consider (Must Read)
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Critical Insulation Installation Factors to Consider (Must Read)

Are you considering a new insulation install? There may be more aspects of the job to consider than you might think. Is it a do-it-yourself job or should you hire a professional? What type of insulation do you need?

How do you choose a professional if you can’t do it yourself? All these questions are important to ask when considering new insulation installation.

Insulation Installation

DIY vs. Professional Insulation Installation

If you are just adding a bit of insulation to already existing insulation, you may be able to do the project yourself.

If any of the following are true, though, it is likely a professional insulation installation would benefit you:

  • The area needing insulation is not readily accessible. If you are trying to install insulation in walls or in ceilings, a professional installer is your best bet.
  • Are you comfortable doing the job? If you have reservations about completing the job, you would likely be better off hiring a professional.
  • After beginning an insulation installation project yourself, if you find any wet or damp insulation, call a professional to be sure the problem is fixed appropriately.
  • If any safety issues are of concern, you should hire a professional.


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What type of insulation do you need?

Generally, there are nine types of insulation. Nine! Can you name them? If not, you likely do not know for sure what type of insulation install you need. The types of insulation include blanket, concrete block, foam board, insulating concrete forms, loose-fill and blown-in, reflective system, rigid fibrous, sprayed foam, and structural insulated panels. Each has it advantages in different circumstances.

How do you choose the Right Insulation Contractor?

As always, check for recommendations from others in your area who have had positive experiences. Even after getting recommendations, though, ask lots of questions of any company you consider. Ask about the different types of insulation installed and find out why they think the recommended type is best for your unique situation. If they only offer one option, find out if they are familiar with more options for insulation installation. Finally, ask the company for references for similar jobs they have done.

Insulation installation can sometimes be a daunting project, but if you have the right company working with you, it can smooth the bumps in the road.