Is Your AC Struggling to Keep Your Home Cool?
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A girl fanning herself because her AC isn't working.

A girl fanning herself because her AC isn't working.


Is Your AC Struggling to Keep Your Home Cool? 


Let’s face it, AC units malfunction, and at the end of the day, don’t last forever. 

Like any other complex machine that runs tirelessly, HVAC systems need regular professional maintenance, at-home care, and expert repairs from time to time. 

In this article, we will discuss a few common reasons you may be experiencing problems with your AC system and what to do about it. 

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Neglection of AC Maintenance AC Maintenance

Regularly scheduled AC maintenance is a crucial part of caring for your HVAC system. 

Proper maintenance maintains the performance of your AC unit, helps control energy use and efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your system altogether. 

Neglecting such an integral part of caring for your HVAC system will incur expensive and recurring repairs, constant discomfort, extreme frustration, and early equipment failure. 

Signs you may need AC maintenance:

If any of these issues sound familiar, a quick inspection and tune-up from an HVAC professional may do the trick! 

If the maintenance/tune-up solves your problem, then great, be sure to schedule your next maintenance session and continue upkeep. 

If maintenance doesn’t solve the problem, you may have gone too long without it and now have other issues that need addressing. 

Let’s dive in a bit deeper. 

Leaky Ductwork

Leaks in your ductwork can result in the loss of up to a third of your AC unit’s efficiency. Air ducts

When your air ducts are leaking, you are losing most of your cold air, and your HVAC system is having to work much harder to try and cool your home. 

Signs your air ducts may be leaking include: 

  • Hot & cold spots 
  • Your unit struggles to keep your home cool
  • Heightened energy bills 
  • Your AC system seems to be making your home very dusty
  • Your home’s air ducts are outdated
  • Your indoor air quality seems to have diminished 

If any of these examples seem familiar, you need to hire an HVAC professional to assess your ductwork and offer you the best solution; this may even include replacing your ductwork

Improperly Sized AC Unit

When it comes to efficiently cooling your home’s air, an improperly sized AC unit can cause many problems. 

A unit that is too big will result in short-cycling (turning on and off frequently) and won’t be able to run long enough to accurately control the humidity levels within your home’s air.

An AC unit that is too small for your home will be consistently overworked and will likely malfunction often. 

Not only will a system that is too small underperform, but it will also have a short lifespan due to its impossible workload. 

Signs your AC unit may be the wrong size:

  • Frequent short-cycling 
  • A constantly running system
  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold
  • High levels of humidity 
  • High energy bills

Experienced HVAC technicians know how to properly size an HVAC system to fit your home’s needs. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you likely need a professional to assess your equipment and provide an adequate replacement. 


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Blocked AirflowAC filter

Blocked airflow is one of the most common problems that cause AC malfunctions.

HVAC units heavily depend on unobstructed airflow for optimal performance; without it, blockages and clogs can cause your system to freeze up, overwork, and fail to meet your comfort requirements. 

Signs you may have blocked airflow:

Airflow problems can be corrected most of the time by changing your unit’s air filter monthly and cleaning your air vents regularly.

If changing out your air filter doesn’t solve the problem, you may need an HVAC technician to inspect your ductwork and ventilation equipment. 

If you do have ventilation or duct blockages, a professional cleaning should do the trick. 

Time to Replace Your AC Unit 

If all else fails, it may just be time to replace your AC unit.

HVAC equipment doesn’t last forever, and typically needs to be replaced every 10-15 years. 

Updating your HVAC system is a great way to improve efficiency, maximize your comfort, and save you money without having to spend on continuous repairs. 

Signs you need a new AC unit: AC unit

  • Your unit is over ten years old
  • You are continually shelling out money on repairs
  • Maintenance doesn’t help anymore
  • Your home has a hard time getting cool
  • Rising energy bills
  • Noisy operation 
  • Your system still uses R-22 Refrigerant 
  • Improper installation of your previous system
  • Inadequately sized AC unit

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