September 22, 2016

Imagine Houston Without Air Conditioning:

The heat…the humidity…there is simply nothing like the swampy air we swim through every summer. I sometimes think I have grown gills just so I can go outside to my car to go to work in the mornings. When I think about what life would be like in Houston without air conditioning, I simply cannot imagine, and neither could our predecessors. Looking at the two graphs above, it becomes clear that the population growth of Houston parallels that of the popularity and availability of air conditioners in homes. The first graph shows the number of households that had air conditioning […]
August 22, 2016

Getting to Know Your Air Conditioner

Most people don’t know much about their air conditioner units past the typical changing of air filters, but there is a lot of simple information that is good to know if want it to work its best. Like, how does it work? Or, how can I make it for efficient?  So let’s start by identifying the parts of your air conditioner. Exterior Air Conditioning Unit: This is the most mysterious part of the air conditioner. It looks like a box with a big fan in it, but why? As your interior unit cools the air in your house, the hot […]
August 12, 2016

History of Air Conditioning

Having grown up in the south, I am dependent on my air conditioner most of the year. In fact, now that I live in Houston, I use my air conditioner March through November. Now that it is August, I cannot imagine trying to live in such a hot humid environment without my air conditioner, so now is probably a good time to learn a little about the history of such an important part of my day. First, the term air conditioner did not begin as meaning to cool air so we could be comfortable in our homes. The first use […]