Preparing Your Home for Winter Vacation
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preparing your home for winter vacation

Enjoy your time on the slopes instead of worrying about your home!

Preparing Your Home for Winter Vacation

As the holidays quickly approach, the importance of preparing your home for winter vacation increases. Even though we have milder winter weather in our portion of the country, it is still quite unpredictable at times. It is better to take appropriate precautions with your home if you leave on vacation. Preparing your home for winter vacation is even more important with all those last-minute purchases!

preparing your home for winter vacation

Prepare your Electronics for Winter Vacation

Particularly if you are away for an extended period of time, unplug any electronics that won’t be used. Many electronics waste energy, even when not in use. If you unplug them while away, you won’t have to pay as much for your power. It will also help protect your electronics from any power surges while you are away.

Preparing your Home for Winter Vacation Using Timers for Lights

Especially in the winter, when evenings are dark much earlier, a completely dark home at 6 pm is a sure sign that you are away. To prevent providing an easy target for thieves, keep your lights on timers. If possible, it is an even better idea to have different rooms on timers for different times, following a natural evening routine throughout the home.


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Prepare your Thermostat for Winter Vacation

Some are tempted to turn off air conditioning and heating completely when away on vacation. However, it is important to keep the home in more milder temperatures while you are away and allow you HVAC system to continue to do its job in keeping out humidity. You do not want air stagnant in your home. In the summer, if your home gets too hot or allows for condensate, it can affect your flooring, paint, doors, and cabinets. In the winter, if temperatures drop dramatically, your pipes could freeze and burst, flooding your home when temperatures increase again. Since you are not as concerned about comfortable temperature in the home while you are away, though, you can turn the air conditioning setting up higher in the summer and heating setting down in the winter while away.

Prepare your Water for Winter Vacation

Close the valve on the main supply line to your home before leaving on vacation. Many know to do this in winter, but the same is really true in summer. Doing this will allow for much less damage if there were to be a leak in your line while you are away. These leaks can happen in many ways, not just from frozen pipes. After shutting off the valve, draining pipes in the winter will prevent pipes from bursting while you are away.

There is much to do to prepare for vacations, but getting your home ready is well worth the time investment to prevent damage or theft. Preparing your home for winter vacation is a must!