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Repairing Air Duct Leaks

As a homeowner, you may find yourself repairing air duct leaks in your home. As with most do-it-yourself projects, there is a right way and a wrong way to complete this job. Repairing air duct leaks is a simple project if positioning of ducts in your home is conducive to a safe DIY repair. Follow these steps for repairing air duct leaks.

repairing air duct leaks

Before you can start repairing air duct leaks, you must first identify the location of leaks. With the system fan running, inspect along ducts, particularly where lines branch off or separate (these are common sites for leaks). Feel along the ducts for drafts that could indicate that air is escaping from the duct. Once you have identified any leaks, turn the system fan off.

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If you can work on the leaks safely, cover any opening in the ductwork with metallic foil tape. This tape is specifically designed for duct repair. Using regular duct tape could result in the adhesive coming loose. This would just necessitate another repair. Be sure to use enough tape for secure adhesion all around the tear or hole. If the location of the leak is such that you cannot safely stand or sit securely to perform the work, call a professional to handle repairing air duct leaks.

If you would like to add another level of secure seal when repairing air duct leaks, apply duct mastic. Using a paintbrush, apply the mastic over the tape and the joints to seal the repair. The mastic is a thick material that will stick to the duct. When it dries, it forms a seal over the leak and should keep the repair solid for much longer.

Repairing air duct leaks is a relatively simple job, if the repair is in a location that is safe. If you have any questions or doubts about repairing air duct leaks yourself, it may be best to consult your HVAC repair company.