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January 22, 2018
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February 25, 2018
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How to Replace Your HVAC System

If you have never had to replace your HVAC system, knowing where to start is often overwhelming. If you find yourself needing a new system, here are some tips to help you replace your HVAC system.

Choose a contractor to replace your HVAC system.

When searching for an HVAC installation and service contractor, do not just call the first one you find in your area. Spend the small amount of time it takes to do a little research. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Check for online reviews of work done by each contractor. Check professional review sites like Angie’s List to find out if the company you consider has a good reputation. Consulting the Better Business Bureau can help you determine if a company has many disputes with customers.

replace your HVAC systemDon’t be afraid to ask each contractor questions to be sure this is someone you want to offer a quote. Asking the right questions before a quote can save you time and money in dealing with the wrong contractor. Narrow your selection down to 2-4 contractors from whom you would like to request an estimate.

Obtain quotes to replace your HVAC system.

Ask each of the contractors you consider to offer a quote for services and materials required to complete the replacement. For each quote, ask for a detailed estimate so you can be sure you are comparing like quotes. Do not be afraid to ask follow up questions in the following days as you get more quotes compiled. Also, do not hesitate to challenge an HVAC contractor on why they included something another contractor didn’t, or vice versa.

The cheapest quote is not always best for you or your home. Compare quotes considering similarities and differences and especially warranties on both equipment and labor. An experienced HVAC contractor should also be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate on when they could start the work and how long the job will take.


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Schedule Installation to replace your HVAC system.

Once you select an HVAC contractor to replace your HVAC system, work with the company to schedule your installation. Keep in mind that if your contractor must order equipment, you may not have an installation right away. However, a good HVAC contractor should be able to give you an accurate day for when they are available for such a big job and when the equipment should arrive. Someone will likely need to be home for the installation, at least to let the technicians in to the home and surrounding areas.

When you replace your HVAC system, you are investing money into your home. Be sure that the investment is well spent for the best equipment and labor for your needs. Finding the right HVAC contractor who gives a fair estimate and delivers on it at the right time for you will make the process much easier.