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Saving Money on Your HVAC (Find Out How)

Saving money is a universal goal, especially when it comes to the things that we’d rather not spend money on. When the utility bills come each month, we all appreciate the comfort and convenience we pay for. However, most of us would rather have the money go to something else. There are ways you can use your HVAC system to help you save money on utilities.

Saving Money with Preventive Maintenance or HVAC Service

saving money with hvac preventive maintenance

Servicing your HVAC system regularly will keep your system in the best shape for efficiency. We recommend a service in the spring to prepare for summer and a service in the fall to prepare for winter. Preventive maintenance can identify issues with your system before they progress, often allowing for a less expensive repair or service.  Your HVAC tech will point out areas in which you may be able to make adjustments to your system. These adjustments can allow for the highest efficiency in running the system, which will save money.

Saving Money with Insulation Installation

Unless your home was built with energy efficiency in mind (hint: most aren’t), additional insulation installation could benefit your home. Many newer homes have more insulation than older homes, but adding insulation could still save money in the long run.

Additional insulation keeps the comfortable air in your home, and the uncomfortable air out. In the winter, you want the warmer air to stay in and the colder air to stay out. In the summer, you want the opposite effect. By keeping the more comfortable air in, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep it comfortable. This especially rings true if you have ensured proper sealing of your home, preventing drafts and leaks around doors and windows.


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Saving Money with Portable HVAC Units

saving money with portable HVAC units

Portable HVAC units can keep you comfortable in a variety of ways. One way we don’t always consider, though, is as supplemental cooling or heating when a central HVAC system is already in place. Particularly if you primarily use a small space in your home or office significantly more than others, a portable HVAC unit could be very helpful in saving money. For example, if you generally keep your home at a very mild temperature but prefer to crank the AC down at night and keep things frosty, a portable HVAC unit in your bedroom may keep the energy cost much lower than if you were cooling the entire home for that benefit.

These are a few of the ways you can be saving money on your energy bills with your HVAC system. There are others, such as not running the system as hard during the day when you may not be home. However, these are some ways of saving money you may not have considered. What are other ways you have found to save money with you HVAC system?