What to Expect From an AC Inspection
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January 23, 2017
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What to Expect From an AC Inspection

Houston offers a unique environment for heating and air conditioning, especially this year. Since I have not used it much if at all over the winter, I usually have my air conditioner inspected over spring break just before I begin using it in earnest in April or May.

However, this year I have used my air conditioner almost every month for at least a couple of days, so I considered skipping the annual inspection ritual.

To make this decision, I thought about what occurs during an inspection.

First off, an air conditioning technician will check both the inside and outside components to ensure the internal parts, motors, and belts are in good working order. While this is no guarantee that something won’t break down over the summer, having the motor checked and the belts tightened or replaced will certainly decrease the chances.


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Next, they will check the coolant levels and replace any lost coolant. The coolant is what cools the air and keeps you comfortable in the hot summer months. Running out of coolant on a Saturday or Sunday in August can be hot and costly. Having this checked is important as it is something that you cannot do on your own.

The technician will also check electrical components for wear and damage replacing any faulty parts to prevent sparking or failure. While doing this, he will also check the drain line, condensate pump, caps and valves, and the safety controls of the system. It is important to have these checked annually as they are responsible for the safety of you and your home. You do not want a preventable leak or a fire.

Finally, your technician will check for any ways you can make your system more efficient. Their ultimate goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible for as little money as possible. Proper air conditioning maintenance also helps maintain your budget.

After evaluating all the important elements of an inspection, I have decided to call my technician and schedule my spring break ritual.