Why is AC Repair So Expensive? (Must Read)
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Why is AC Repair So Expensive? (Must Read)

“Why is AC repair so expensive?” is a question we hear often. The truth is that there are many factors that contribute to the expense involved in repairing an air conditioning system or unit. If you need repairs, always compare costs. Even more important than cost is what you get for the cost. There are various factors that may help explain the question, “Why is AC repair so expensive?”


First, you should always know what kind of warranty the company quoting service provides. A reputable HVAC service company gives a warranty on the work they perform. A one-year warranty is a guarantee for you that they put their best into every repair or service they provide. The service warranty is vital to consider when comparing costs between HVAC companies. Remember: if a company does not provide a service warranty, they are not standing behind their work, and you are likely asking for future repair costs.


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Second, consider that HVAC techs must be licensed to work professionally. Licensing can be costly, and it is a professional certification. To stay licensed, your HVAC techs must participate in continuing education and training, which is never free. Technology in the HVAC field is always changing, just like in other fields. To stay current with the equipment and features, great technicians are always learning.

Costly Parts

When considering the cost of AC repair, it is also important to consider the cost of the parts needed. Most parts are expensive, even to the company who provides your service. Your technician does not make money on the cost of the parts. The parts are just expensive.

Around the Clock Availability

Another consideration is that your HVAC repair company is a service company. Your technicians (if you use a great company) are available to you for service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even some companies that promise emergency availability are not truly available to you all the time.

In conclusion, when you consider all factors, perhaps AC repair or installation is not as “expensive” as you may have thought. However, you should expect the best service from your HVAC company. Also, a reliable HVAC company should really give you options for different price points and be able to explain the advantages of each level. Why is AC repair so expensive? Hopefully, it is because you are paying for quality parts and quality service with a great warranty. If not, you are likely dealing with the wrong HVAC company.


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