Why Madd Air Trusts Comfortmaker
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April 8, 2019
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Why Madd Air Trusts Comfortmaker


So your old AC unit finally kicked the bucket and it’s time to replace it!

Trying to select a new AC unit for your home can be time-consuming and frustrating. With so many different brands on the market, all promising one thing or another, finding the right air conditioning unit for your home can prove to be a challenging task. Not only that, a new AC unit is expensive.

How do you possibly choose?

Do a little research and find a trusted HVAC dealer. The best way to do this is by searching for HVAC companies in your area and then reading through their reviews, experience, and credentials.

This is a sure way to find the top AC contractors near you. Once you’ve decided on your star company, check out what HVAC products they recommend, this will help you make an informed decision on your new unit and maybe even save a little money along the way.

If you live in Kingwood, TX, or even the surrounding areas, no research is required. Madd Air Heating & Cooling is your one-stop-shop for all things HVAC! Just check out their outstanding reviews and see for yourself!

Madd Air has been Houston’s “leading by example” HVAC company for the last decade. As you can tell by their google reviews, Madd Air prides themselves in top-notch customer service, fair prices, and a name you can trust! Those qualities are hard to find in the HVAC business.

Madd Air Recommends Comfortmaker! Why?comfortmaker

That’s easy, Madd Air Heating & Cooling is a prestigious customer satisfaction oriented AC company. A business that truly cares about its customers and understands the value in offering the best products at the best price. That is exactly why Madd Air is an Elite Dealer of Comfortmaker Heating & Cooling products.

Comfortmaker stands by their equipment in every way, not that they need too, all of their products do a great job proving their performance capabilities on their own. Comfortmaker air conditioning units are specifically engineered for high powered and superior operation. All of Comfortmakers products are 100% run tested, which means a demand is put on the systems and it measures the response for superior quality, energy efficiency, and reliability. Not only are their products powerful, but they are also energy-efficient and built to last.

Comfortmaker is also known for its outstanding warranties, such as the No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty, which includes;

  • Top of the line – 12-year parts and 12-year labor warranty
  • Mid performance line – 12-year parts and a 7-year labor warranty
  • Bottom tier performance line – 12-year parts and 3-year labor warranty

Savings like these on quality products like Comfortmaker simply can’t be competed with. Getting what you paid for never sounded so good!


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HVAC Company in Kingwood


What Makes Comfortmaker a top of the line Choice?

Air quality- Comfortmaker AC units are specially developed to produce highly efficient air quality throughout your home. With its patented technology, Comfortmaker AC units not only filter your air perfectly but also inactivate and/or kill airborne irritants and pathogens.

Humidity control- Comfortmaker’s multi-stage dehumidification technology makes humidity a thing of the past!

Noise- Comfortmaker designs and manufactures all of their products with one thing in mind, you guessed it… comfort, and part of being comfortable is peace and quiet. With Comfortmaker HVAC products, you are guaranteed quality AC performance, accompanied by an extremely quiet experience.

Zoning- Along with the best performance possible, Comfortmakers also offers customizable zoning within your home for maximum comfort settings at all times.

Remote access- With the Wi-Fi remote access feature, Comfortmaker has made adjusting your comfort a breeze, at the touch of a button.

Programmable controls- With Comfortmakers 7-day touchscreen control system, you can program your home to be heated or cooled at your desired rate and temperature for up to a week. This will not only maximize consistent comfort throughout your home but also save you money on energy costs in the long run.

Variable speed- Variable speed settings are the ultimate comfort customization tool! Unlike single-speed, Multi-speed settings give you the ability to enhance the airflow throughout your home, eliminate hot and cold spots, as well as increase air quality and overall efficiency.

Just like Madd Air Heating & Cooling, Comfortmaker “stands head and shoulders above the rest!”Certificate of excellence

Now that you know why Comfortmaker products are the best choice in home AC quality and efficiency, choose the best Comfortmaker Elite Dealer to help you with your new install!

Call Madd Air Heating & Cooling today! It’s time you experience maximum comfort and maximum efficiency at the same time! (281)-354-9600