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Choosing an HVAC contractor can sometimes seem like a daunting task, and even more so if your cooling or heating system has gone out and you need a fix immediately! Stash this list away for a rainy day, or even better, establish a relationship with an HVAC company now when you don’t have a problem so there is no question who to call when you need service! These questions to ask your HVAC contractor will help you find the right company for you!

Are you licensed?

If you are dealing with an un-licensed HVAC contractor, you are asking for trouble. Your legal options are more limited if something goes wrong. Also, most homeowner insurance policies will not cover damage from work done by un-licensed professionals. Most importantly, you will not receive the best work. Licensing requires continuing education to keep up with the most current technology and service techniques. You want someone with that extra knowledge working on your HVAC system.

Are you insured? Can you show me the certificates?

HVAC contractor guarantee

Will your HVAC contractor guarantee satisfaction?

Reputable and trustworthy contractors will carry workers compensation and general liability insurance. This protects the contractor and their employees, but it also protects you. If property is damaged or someone is injured on the job at your property, you do not want to foot the bill. Proof of insurance is not an unreasonable request from any kind of contractors working on your property.

How long have you been doing business under the same name?

If a particular HVAC contractor has a bad reputation, it is a common tactic to start a new company with a new name to avoid detection. Therefore, look for a company who has operated under the same name for more than five years. If they have still maintained a great reputation , you will have more reassurance in their stability and true work ethic.

Do you provide a warranty for your labor? How long?

Providing a good warranty for labor shows that a contractor stands behind his or her work, and that of their employees. A 30-day warranty on labor does not show pride in the work that a contractor performs. A one-year warranty shows that a contractor strives for the best work and stands behind it.

In conclusion, assuring the professionalism and expertise of an HVAC contractor is essential in protecting your home investment. By asking a prospective HVAC contractor these questions, you will know whether it is the right contractor to work in your home or business.


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  3. Bethany Birchridge says:

    I never took into account that you should ask if they have a warranty for services and that it should be at least one year. My uncle is building a new home for his family and will need to get a furnace installed. I think this will help him find a great contractor!

  4. Ashley Turns says:

    I appreciate your tip to ask the heating repair service you are considering about their workers’ compensation and general liability insurance so that you can be sure they are reliable. My husband and I have a broken heating system, so we are looking for the best service to help us repair it. We will be sure to start our search for a contractor by first looking for those with proper coverage.

  5. Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your advice to ask an HVAC contractor how long they have been working in that business. I also like how you said that they should act professionally. My husband and I want to hire good HVAC contractors to clean our home air ducts.

  6. Jordan Miner says:

    I’ve been having some issues with my heating system and I think that getting a professional to come check it out would be nice. I’m glad you mentioned asking a HVAC contractor if they are licensed to do heating maintenance. I’m going to have to look at a few good HVAC companies and see what maintenance services would be best!

  7. Millie Hue says:

    Our unit has not been functioning properly lately. Sometimes it doesn’t give enough heat anymore, like last night. Fortunately, it worked again properly after an hour. Today, we plan to contact a repairman to fix it. So I like that you emphasized about getting an expert who is licensed since it pushes them to continue their education about the latest technologies and service techniques. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I want to install a new AC unit soon, so thanks for sharing this! I like your point about asking if the company is licensed and insured first. I don’t want to be liable for any injuries or accidents, so I’ll be sure to check this.

  9. Alexandria Martinez says:

    I really like your suggestion to ask if the residential air conditioning service provides warranties for their labor. Having the ability to provide a warranty is a great way to check if they stand by their work and employees. My fiance and I will look into this as we search for a good company.

  10. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    You have good tips for finding an HVAC contractor. We want to hire someone to help us install a new AC unit, so this is great. I’ll be sure to find a company that has had the same name for over five years, like you suggested.

  11. Larry Weaver says:

    I didn’t realize that licensing requires continuing education to keep up with current technology and service techniques. My HVAC unit in my new home just gave up, which is odd considering the fact that the home is brand new. Finding a licensed HVAC contractor that is up to date with current technology and service standards is the type of contractor that I’ll hire for help.

  12. Elsa Anderson says:

    I like the fact that you should be asking your prospect HVAC contractor if he offers warranties in his labor. In that way, you can be assured that he is confident in getting the job right and done as requested. I was looking for an expert to fix my HVAC system in the home because the heating system doesn’t function well in the set temperature; in this case, I will make sure to pop the question to the prospects that I will be filtering to know who’s the best.

  13. Burt Silver says:

    I really like the questions that you shared for me to ask an AC contractor like making sure that they are licensed. This is something that I think I should definitely be looking out for so that I can make sure that whoever I hire knows what they are doing and will do a good job. Hopefully, I can find a good company that can help me out and fix my AC because it just hasn’t been cooling off my house this summer.

  14. Amanda Drew says:

    Thanks for pointing out that trustworthy contractors will have both liability insurance and workers compensation to protect you, them, and their employees. My air conditioning made this loud screeching sound then just shut off, and I can’t get it to turn back on. I’ll have to find an HVAC contractor who has insurance and workers comp to come and take a look at it.

  15. Monica Chavez says:

    Thanks for pointing out that reputable and trustworthy contractors will carry workers compensation and general liability insurance. My parents air conditioner recently went out, and with the summer coming up so quickly they really want to get it repaired quickly. I’m sure they would really benefit from finding a trustworthy contractor to get the job done for them efficiently.

  16. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I are looking for an HVAC contractor to help us install a new AC unit, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about choosing a contractor that is licensed and insured. I don’t want to be liable for any injuries or damages to the house, so I’ll be sure to ask about this.

  17. Joy Butler says:

    I’m grateful for your advice about hiring an HVAC contractor. I definitely agree that we should look after their license and if they are insured. Just let me share a simple tip that searching online is your best source if you need a well-experienced HVAC contractor near you. However, when browsing online, review all the reviews; don’t just jump and stop at the nearest service provider you can find.

  18. Rosie Beckett says:

    I have noticed some issues with my heating system and I want to find a heating contractor in the area that I can trust to come and fix the problem. You make a great point that you should find out how long the contractor has been in business because this will show that they are experienced and reputable in the community. Also, I think that choosing a company that provides a warranty will give me peace of mind that they will provide quality work.

  19. Ken Hwan says:

    I never would’ve thought to ask for a warranty when dealing with an HVAC contractor, especially the length of the warranty! I am debating whether or not to get my heating checked out by a professional, since it hasn’t been keeping my house very warm recently. I will be sure to ask my HVAC technician if he has a warranty on his work if I decide to repair my heating!

  20. Gary Puntman says:

    I agree that you should ask about warranties. You want to make sure that the company stands by their work, like you said. This will ensure that they are a company you can trust and know will do a good job.

  21. Siaosi Kulihaapai says:

    One of the best questions I read from your post when asking an HVAC contractor was whether or not he offers warranties from his service. It justifies the level of confidence and expertise in getting the job done and if he things don’t work out the first time, he will do it the second time, free of charge. I’ll definitely pop this question when it’s about time to have my HVAC system cleaned and oiled.

  22. Rosie Beckett says:

    You make a great point that when looking for an HVAC contractor you should make sure to ask them if they are insured. Finding a company that is insured will definitely give me peace of mind in case there is an accident or injury during the heating installation. I need to get my heater repaired before winter comes and it is important that I choose a quality HVAC contractor. Also, I think that choosing a company that provides a warranty is a great idea because it shows that they will provide quality work.

  23. Gerty Gift says:

    I appreciate that you included asking if they are licensed. I have a really hard time just coming out and asking questions like this, but I agree that it’s important to know that they are keeping up with the most current technology and services. We’ll be sure to ask this when we see our contractor next.

  24. Silas Knight says:

    We really need a new AC system installed this summer. It’s starting to get really hot, and ours is pretty much broken. I’ll be sure to find a company that is licensed though, to be safe. Like you said, I don’t want to deal with any legal or insurance issues.

  25. Bethany Birchridge says:

    Thanks for pointing out that asking for proof of certification and insurance is no an unreasonable request. I’ve been having some problems with my AC system, so I’ve been looking for a company to help me out. I’ll be certain to make sure they are licensed and insured!

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