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If your system isn't cooling, please turn it off before it causes more damage.

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As the most trusted air conditioning company in Kingwood, TX, our team of highly skilled technicians has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the solutions you need in HVAC maintenance, AC repairs, and AC installations.

A home that is too hot or too cold is not a comfortable home. Your comfort and peace of mind in your cooling and heating system are our utmost priority. Madd Air of Kingwood, TX provides quick response, quality service, and affordable pricing.

For the best heating and cooling service in Kingwood, TX, and the surrounding community, give Madd Air a call today at (281) 354-9600.

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We never leave a customer unhappy – that’s our guarantee!

We at Madd Air put our clients first, offering them the smartest solutions and speediest services available in the market today. When you book us for a heating or cooling job, you can be sure that what you get will be much more than what you expect.

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We guarantee 3 simple promises to you that we feel should be the foundation of any successful business.


When your AC stops blowing cold air, you want it fixed immediately. We’re here when you need us with after hours service.


We use only the best parts and equipment available from the most trusted HVAC suppliers in the industry.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your HVAC service or repair.

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As the premier AC company in Kingwood, Madd Air’s team arrives at your home prepared with state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and replacement parts to repair any problem you have with your system.

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Do You Need Two AC Units In Your Home?

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